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Wise Calling

Wise Calling

WISE Calling is a technology designed to get our clients in front of their target prospects at times when engagement and conversion rates are most optimal, leading to a higher percentage of success calls.

Beyond predictive, WISE Calling boosts inside sales productivity exponentially by prioritizing sales calls based on a set of rules that can be configured to optimize prospect reachability. Using a weight-based system of different events, filters, KPIs and lead scores.

WISE Calling scores target prospects on your list based on a combination of factors, including:

Lead scores are an indication of your prospect’s sales-readiness based on demographic and behavioral scores. They are an integral part of your prospecting process, giving you insight as to WHO to pursue first. But that isn’t enough. Not anymore. Not for us. We’ve decided to take your lead generation to a whole other level with WISE Calling.

Knowing who among your prospects are more sales-ready than others is only half the battle. The real test is REACHING those targets you’ve singled out to be ready to move further down the sales funnel. WISE Calling proceeds to prioritize calls in real-time, moving up calls to prospects with the highest WISE scores, giving you a higher probability of speaking with your target decision maker. Lead scores show you WHO to call, WISE Calling shows you WHEN to call.

WISE Calling goes even beyond that by calculating not just when your own agent is available to talk, but more importantly, when the target decision maker himself is most reachable and available to talk with you agent. WISE Calling enables your agent to reach your warm prospect at the right time with less of the agent’s time wasted on busy signals, voicemail or no-answers, and more time for actual talk.

WISE Calling processes contact data and makes adjustments in real-time, improves agent productivity levels with less idle time and more talk time, and gets you in front of your target prospect at the best time – when they are most interested and willing to hear what you have to offer.

WISE Calling allows you to strike while the iron is hot. It is the most efficient way to run your lead generation campaign.

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