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At Equiventas, we believe successful B2B marketing and sales depends on reaching the right prospects, with the right message, at the right time. This philosophy has driven us to become a well sustained leader in Lead generation services and intent data technology that connect B2B sellers with in-market buyers who are ready to learn more about your product or solution.


1. “I need to improve the results of my email campaigns.”
Solution to Email Challenges.
• Identify targets who are interested in your product right now and trigger email campaigns automatically.
• Find out which topics your targets are researching and design email content that answers their questions.
• Automate email responses to spikes in activity that indicate a target is ready to buy.

2. “I need to improve the result of my Data Standardization”
Solution to Data challenges, • Clean-up only B2B data which is relevant as per your current criteria. • Identify duplicate data from your CRM and marketing automation tools and get cleaner efficient data for effective campaigns.
• Take control of inbound lead management

3.“I need to improve quality of my leads”
Solution to quality leads challenges,
• Audience Segmentation
• Research.
• Verifying Contact Information.

4. “I need to sharpen my Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies.”
Solution to appropriate ABM strategy.
• Customize your communications with the exact words and phrases that resonate with your target contacts
• Find out which topics your target contacts care about most and build content that answers their questions before they even ask
• Uncover accounts with the strongest potential to become customers, based on the actual online behaviors of people within the organization

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