By Forbs

In 2014, Harvard Business Review published an article titled “The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist,” detailing marketing’s position as a function increasingly dependent on technology. Research from Gartner even suggested that a company’s chief marketing officer now spends more on technology than a chief information officer.
Each year, the marketing technology (martech) landscape expands. Just five years ago, business owners and marketing leadership had access to a couple hundred platforms, whereas they now have thousands at their fingertips. These platforms represent functions ranging from marketing automation to analytics, content syndication, social listening and more.
With so many tools to choose from, it is a daunting task to understand which platforms you need and what’s going to provide the best return on your investment.
No business should invest in all marketing technology tools. New tools not only require a monetary investment; they also require investments in due diligence, research, evaluation and analysis. At Criterion.B, we recommend to all of our clients that they first identify a strategy and long-term vision of how the tool will support their business goals before making any investments. With that said, there are several valuable types of tools for your marketing arsenal.

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