Appointment setting

Appointment Setting. The most popular service that we offer to our clients is appointment setting, in which our telesales agents will schedule an appointment for you or your sales team with a qualified decision maker who is educated and interested in your product or service.

Appointment Setting can be used for a variety of activities to boost your sales and lead generation activity:

• Appointment setting for face to face meetings

• Telephone appointments or conference calls

• To set up online demos or webinars

• Seminar booking, workshops, conference attendance or for other events

• Following up new business leads and maximising the value from exhibitions

• To identify opportunities for quotations and tenders

• To follow-up a direct mail campaign or email blast

• Up-sell or cross-sell activity into your current customer base

• Contacting lapsed customers with a new offer to regenerate interest

• Membership or subscription renewals

Equiventas - Integrate Sales

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  • We bring you the customers that suit your expectations.
  • We build you the right database from over 20 million decision makers.
  • Using the combination of Voice, Email, Web and Social Media we help to build your prospects.
  • We don’t just go about calling your prospects as many times as possible throughout the day and hope we reach them we do it in a smart way, by prioritizing calls based on a set of rules can be configured to optimize reach ability.
  • Our technology helps us who to call and when to call based on the times when they are most active therefore those reachable during higher success rate, Genius isn’t it.
  • We nurture your leads with various types of strategies & marketing automation. In the end you receive up-to-date customer’s profile follow-ups and warm leads valuable market research data wider brand exposure and solid Appointments.
  • Companies around the world employ our services because they want to increase their sales and expand their market reach no matter where you are where you like to grow we can take you there.
  • Connect to our Sales team : sales@equiventas.com or call on +1 (619) 798-6693


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